40″ Field Collection Ballistic Nylon Vault Black


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Ballistically speaking…
The one thing that has flown around the world and keeps performing is ballistic nylon. Millions of miles later and a few baggage handlers those black suitcases still hold up.
We created the Ballistic series just for that purpose. Lighter than our waxed cotton canvas, the ballistic Field Vault and the PA Case are built for traveling. Traveling to your favorite destinations. Keeping them in the back of your vehicle to protect your valuables, including your shotguns, pistols, and ammunition, but also your cameras, PC’s, and Jewelry. Just buy a case from Negrini, Plano, or Pelican and you are ready to go. A great tool to protect all your belongings.
The Ballistic Field Vault and PA Case will keep your shotguns, Pistols, and ammunition safe. Think about it. You can pack 2 singles or a single and a double into the shotgun Vault. Pick either 38” or 40”. Measure the cases you own. Do not buy them big. In the PA Case you can pack 3 pistol cases or 2 flats of ammunition with some room for your stuff.
This is what you get:
Field Vault in Ballistic nylon.
Black Only
Single Lock system lets you secure your gun cases in any situation.
LugLoc GPS Locator if you need to know where your firearms are at any given moment.
PA Case for your pistols and ammunition
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