Bianchi Hip Holster, Bia 17745 7001 Am Spt Thmbsnp 5


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Suitable for outdoor and concealment applications, this holster rides at a 10-13 degree forward angle for a fast, instinctive draw.The roll-top thumb break strap wraps cleanly over the hammer and effectively retains the handgun.It features a quick-slide 1.75 injection molded belt loop, and a closed muzzle. Belt Size: 1.75 Wide Type: Belt Holster Color: Black Material: Accumold Hand: Right Finish: Textured Firearm Fit: 4 S&W 19, 586 & Similar K, L Frame Other Firearms Fit: Ruger GP100 6 Mount Type: Belt Gun Type: Handgun Compartments: 1

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