Carbon Express Nano-xrz Shafts 700 1 Doz.


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Nano-XRZ featuring Tri-Spine technology which combines stiffer ends with a softer spine center for ultimate accuracy out of a compound bow. Like the Nano-SST for recurve archers the Nano-XRZ is constructed from 30-Ton carbon that ensures faster recovery out of the bow and superior down range performance. Straightness: .0025”, Weight Tolerance: 2 grains. Available sizes: 350 (9.9 gpi), 400 (9.0 gpi), 500 (7.8 gpi), 600 (7.0 gpi), 700 (6.3 gpi), 800 (5.7 gpi). Features:Tri-Spine technology;Constructed of 30 ton carbon;Ultimate accuracy out of a compound bow

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