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Cold Steel Kiridashi, Cold Cs-20kpl Kiridashi Folder | Shooters Warehouse

Cold Steel Kiridashi, Cold Cs-20kpl Kiridashi Folder


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The kiridashi is the original japanese utility knife.The kiridashi is now used by practically everyone in japan from children to master craftsmen.In many ways it’s the fixed blade equivalent of the western pocket knife.It’s used for everything from whittling, carving, paring and nearly every conceivable cutting chore.Our kiridashi folder offers a razor sharp classically shaped blade made from 4034ss stainless steel that’s mated to a comfortable griv-ex grip that will never rot, crack, warp or mildew.To guard your fingers, it comes with our tri-ad locking mechanism. Closed Length: 4 Blade Length: 2.50 Oal: 6.50 Blade Material: 4034 Stainless Steel Handle Description: Griv-Ex Black Weight: 2.40 oz Sheath: None Edge Type: Plain Open Type: Thumb Stud

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