CZ 75 B Omega Convertible Black Polycoat 9mm 4.7-inch 16Rd Fixed Sights


CZ 75 B Omega Convertible Black Polycoat 9mm 4.7-inch 16Rd Fixed Sights

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CZ 75 Review Video

Watch the video to see the entire lineup of CZ 75 pistols including the CZ 75B, Compact, Tactical, Tactical Sport, Shadow 2, and TS Czechmate. See the specs and compare the models.



The CZ 75 B Omega Convertible builds on the  reputation and reliability of the CZ 75 and represents a further evolution of the 75 B Omega. The new Convertible version allows users to swap from decocker to safety operation in the same manner as the popular P-07/P-09 pistols. Using the same simplified, more robust variation of the 75’s trigger system as the previous Omega, trigger parts use an interlocking design that allows for easy disassembly and reassembly without the need for tools. Not only does this simplify maintenance, the trigger parts themselves are made of different materials to enhance durability, operation life and reliability. This models features traditional double/single action operation, an all steel frame and slide finished in CZ’s black Polycoat finish, black checkered grips and includes one 16 round magazine.

CZ 75 B Omega Convertible Specifications:

  • FAMILY: 75 Series
  •  MODEL: CZ 75 B Omega Convertible
  •  TYPE: Semi-Auto Pistol
  •  ACTION: Double / Single Action
  •  FINISH: Black Polycoat
  •  STOCK/FRAME: Steel Frame
  •  STOCK/GRIPS: Black Plastic
  •  WEIGHT: 2.2 lbs. 
  •  CAPACITY: 16
  •  BARREL: 4.7″
  •  SIGHTS: Fixed
  •  SAFETY: Firing Pin Block Safety
  •  ADDL INFO: Omega Trigger System
  •  ADDL INFO: Swappable Safety/Decocker


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