Dakota Arms Model 10 .22Hornet


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A stunning example of a genuine Dakota arms Model 10, engraved by master engraver, Jere Davidson, this dainty little rifle feels more like a fly rod than a working rifle in the hands, it is stocked in a flaming piece of quilted CFO feather crotch claro walnut with an array of natural colors, it is chambered in the iconic .22 Hornet caliber and serial numbered HORNET-10, it features fine English scroll engraving with 24K gold wire borders, engraved talley rings with gold wire, Al Beisen trap butt plate, the flats of the receiver feature fine silver “pinwheels” as well as the trap butt plate, the rifle is finely checkered with a barrel band front swivel and Ken Howell inletted rear swivel, the two screw grip cap is engraved to match with a 24k gold inlaid hornet on it, this is a once in a lifetime chance to own a piece of American gunmakers history that will soon be gone forever.

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