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General Specs: DWM P.08, 1920, 7.65mm/.30 Luger, 31oz, 3 3/4″ Barrel Serial Number: 7955 Description Post War Germany Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken (DWM) was in financial distress, it had been entirely dependent on military sales for the war years. To help it in the Weimar Republic DWM began to manufacture the P.08 for the commercial market. These guns became very popular, helping to keep DWM solvent. The guns were very well made, often using existing war supplies and had an excellent blued finish. This 1920 made commercial luger has all the classic hallmarks of those guns including matching serial numbers on many parts. The magazines and holster are not numbered. The gun exhibits 95% bluing with a few wear areas mostly from the holster. there is no play in the action and its tolerances are still tight, and the bore is bright with strong rifling, overall, the gun feels solid and precise; a true testament to the skill of the craftsmen who built this gun. Thank you for looking. Barrel Length: 3 3/4″*** Bores: Mirror*** % Blue: 97%*** Sights: Front Blade, Rear Fixed V notch*** Action: Semi-Auto*** Ejectors or Extractors: Extractor*** Receiver Condition: 96%*** Screws: Very Good*** Trigger Type: Single*** Trigger Guard Color: 95%*** Stock*** Type: Walnut*** Checkering Condition: Very Good*** Butt Treatment: oiled*** Call us for full details, or to purchase. If you have any questions please call or email us. Thanks! Vintage Firearms Inc PLEASE SEE MY OTHER FINE VINTAGE FIREARMS. Just open one of my ads and click on the line that says “see all items from this seller” and a very nice list of fine sporting and collectible arms will appear. We have many more sxs shotguns, o/u shotguns, rifles and handguns not yet listed, check back or email us for a preview. We are a Wilson Combat dealer! Thanks for looking! We employ full time gunsmiths on premises and can perform alterations to suit your needs within a few weeks of purchase. Common requests are: -stock bending to suit your particular requirements -addition of any specified butt pad to increase length of pull -alteration of chokes to suit your shooting preferences -lengthening of chambers and forcing cones -darkening stock color with penetrating stains -restoring any part of the gun including rust blue, charcoal blue, bone and charcoal case color, wood restoration and checkering recuts. If you like one our guns but it needs “tweaked”, let us know and we can quote you a time and price. Some enthusiasts like the guns “as found” and others want them “just so”. We often list guns as found and let the particular buyer choose how they want their gun to fit or look. Price: $2,100.00 Handgun Caliber: 7.65x22mm Parabellum (7.65x22mm Luger, .30 Luger)

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