Easton Superdrive 27 Shafts G Nock 1 Doz.


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SuperDrive 27 features largest-class diameter for line-catching performance in NFAA Indoor and 3D competition. Tough, reliable, Easton engineered multilayer construction for world-class shooters needing durable carbon accuracy. Constructed of high performance, light mass, high strength all carbon using proven Superdrive construction. Spine 270, Length: 32.125”, GPI: 9.0, Straightness: 0.005”, Outside diameter: 27/64”. Features:High-performance, light-mass, high-strength all-carbon shaft using proven Superdrive construction;Ideal for ASA–3D, IBO–3D, and NFAA–3D as well as NFAA indoor competition;27/64 outside diameter

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