Fierce Firearms Reaper 300 Winmag – Custom Build


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$3100 OBO.   This Fierce Firearms Reaper with collapsable stock and titanium steel barrel side port is decked out with:    22″ barrel Zeiss v6 3-18×50  Night Force rings  Custom turret for 180gr Barnes LX ammo out to 1400 yd (OG turret included) Carbon fiber bipod and bipod rail Custom SKB Case ($300) Two 5-round magazines Guarantee 3-shot .50 moa groups at 100 yards with appropriate ammunition Certified target included with rifle   Only 200 rounds through this rifle. Used it for hunting and took an elk in Utah and he didn’t make it 15 yards. Honestly it changed my perception (to very positive) of chassis rifles for hunting, and overall I’m very impressed. The only complaint I have is that the magazine release protrudes a little too far for my liking, and I’ve bumped it occasionally. It could be trimmed down, but I didn’t want to go there. This is an outstanding bench gun as well. I find that lead ammo shoots more consistently than non-lead. Don’t ask me why. The Swift Scirocco II in 180gr from Federal is a tac driver and personally I would take anything out to 700 yards with this rifle. I’m sure there are many people who would find comfort beyond that, especially with custom loads.   The rifle weighs 6.6 lb. With the addition of the scope and bipod it clocks in at 9.8 lb.

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