Fin Finder Bank Runner Bowfishing Recurve Package W-winch Pro Bowfishing Reel Green 35 Lbs. Rh


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Take-down, bowfishing recurve uniquely engineered with a magnesium riser and multiple reel mounting locations. One piece riser is durable and sturdy, featuring built-in limb pockets for increased dependability. Heavy duty sight and reel, reel seat and rest bushings are threaded and machined into the riser. Features a form-fitting, EZ fit grip. 58in. length. Package includes: Current rest, Hydro-Shot finger savers and Winch Pro Reel (designed in partnership with Cajun). Features:58 3 piece take down;Winch Pro Reel designed in partnership with Cajun;Current Bowfishing Rest;RH Only

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