Griffin 1-2×28 Flash Comp 5.56mm


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The Griffin Armament Universal Taper mount provides a rock solid sound suppressor interface for RECCE, Paladin, and Sportsman Silencers. The newest generation of the FlashComp is built off the Hammer Comp design. Griffin took the FlashComp that brought market leading muzzle stability and recoil control to the Universal Taper Mount Interface and upgraded its performance. The Flash Comp is not just another muzzle device, it is a recoil reducing, low muzzle flash signature, muzzle neutral, and comes packaged in a mid length muzzle device that offers you all of the suppression in one market leading muzzle device. Features : 1/2X28 Thread pitch17-4 PH stainless steelShim set includedQPQ finishGriffin laser logo marked

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