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H&K VP9 Optics Ready Grey | Shooters Warehouse

H&K VP9 Optics Ready Grey


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The HK VP9 Optics-Ready 9mm Pistol is a 9mm handgun designed for ergonomic control and reliable shooting. This HK VP9 features an optics-ready slide cut for mounting a reflex sight and has a high-visibility front iron sight with a black serrated rear sight. Patented HK charging supports provide added leverage when gripping the slide for easy slide racking, while interchangeable backstraps ensure optimal hand fit and a comfortable grip. For a long lifetime of precision, the VP9 features a cold hammer forged polygonal barrel that slightly increases muzzle velocity and extends the life of the handgun. With two included 17-round magazines, the HK VP9 Optics-Ready 9mm Pistol offers a comfortable grip with optics-ready capability.

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