Hudson Manufacturing H-9 9mm 4.29″ Barrel 15 RDs

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Hudson Manufacturing H-9 9mm 4.29″ Barrel 15 RDs

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A well-tuned trigger is the highlight of this Hudson H-9 9mm handgun. The updates to this 1911-style pistol give it light and crisp trigger pulls and releases. The trigger provides a tactile but short reset. With a patent-pending integral safety, the trigger is engaged instinctively so it doesn’t detract from the smooth straight pull trigger. This means more steady, consistent follow-up shots. What’s more, its patent-pending striker and sear design are optimized for longer-lasting parts that are less prone to wear and tear. The lack of a hammer spring enables a higher grip to provide more control while diminishing the feeling of recoil.

The unique pistol nose means the barrel and recoil spring sit lower and closer to the hand than previous designs. In combination with its striker-fired design, this creates a low bore axis, reducing torque in the wrist and enables more precise shots.

Additional features include:

  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Capacity: 15 rounds
  • Finish: Steel black
  • Safety: Manual grip
  • Barrel: 4.29 inches
  • Single action
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