John Bolliger .338 Win Mag SIGNATURE SERIES, PRE-64 M70, SWAROVSKI, vintage firearms inc


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John Bollinger, 338 win mag, 9lb 13oz w/ scope, sn145384 There are a lot of custom rifle makers out there, but few that can measure up to John Bolliger of Mountain Riflery, LLC. Bolliger has refined the art of custom rifle making to its highest form over the last 40 years. Many makers can decorate a rifle that looks good, but the true art is creating a masterpiece that is equal parts form and function. As famously uttered by the noted rifleman and hunter Colonel Townsend Whelen, “only accurate rifles are interesting”, John Bolliger has dedicated his life to building accurate rifles with innovative features that improve the usefulness of his rifles. (CHECK OUT THE TARGETS SHOT BY THIS RIFLE IN THE PHOTOGRAPHS TO SEE THE DEFINITION OF ACCURACY!) At the same time Bolliger is building rifles that are visually stunning in the beauty of the wood, execution of the checkering, and the impeccable fit and finish throughout. Bolliger only chooses wood that is properly aged, stable, and possessing various levels of figure. If you visit Mountainriflery you will see new rifles stocked in fine walnut that range in value from $14,000 to $65,000, depending on features and specifications. This rifle, sn145384 built on a pre-64 Winchester Model 70 action in 2006, is loaded with upgrades and if you were to order today would exceed $32,000 and take years for delivery. THIS RIFLE WAS BUILT BY JOHN BOLLIGER SR. BOLLIGER JR IS BUILDING THE RIFLES NOW. All of the components are of the finest kind, ie Blackburn Custom Straddle floorplate, Smithson Custom scope mounts, Krieger Match Fluted Barrel with 1 in 10 twist rate, Exhibition Turkish walnut, pillar/glass bedded action, ebony forend tip with point, skeleton grip cap, custom swivel mounts, precision ground action, hand-lapped recoil lugs, checkered bolt knob, checkered bolt release, jeweled bolt and follower, polished trigger, custom polished rust blue metal, and double black cross bolts. This gun is an exemplary John Bolliger rifle! The rifle is mounted with the Swarovski Z6 with 2.5 x 15 magnification, 44mm lens and 30mm tube, a $2400 optic. The bore is mirror perfect and there is only the lightest handling mark in two spots too small to show in photos. Review the photos, observe the most elaborate and perfect checkering that has been executed on this amazing piece of walnut. Ribbons and flor-de-lis, a right-handed palm swell on the pistol grip, wrap around checkering on forend and wrist…flawless and impressive. We are offering this rifle at a fraction of the cost to order and can deliver the gun within days of receiving payment. If you ever wanted the finest Bolliger rifle, in a caliber that will be lethal for all but the most dangerous of Africa’s beasts, now is the time to be decisive. It would be hard to find a finer rifle at any price. Barrel Length: 26″ *** Bores: perfect *** % Blue: 99+%*** Sights: scope only (Swarovski Z6. 2.5-15×44)*** Action: bolt*** Receiver Condition: 99+%*** Screws: excellent*** Trigger Type: single-crisp*** Trigger Guard Color: 99+%*** Type: Capped pistol grip w/shadowline cheek;*** LOP: 14 3/16″ *** LOP To End Of Wood: 13 1/2″ *** Checkering Condition: flor de lis*** Butt Treatment: black rubber*** There is a 30 day mechanical warranty on this gun. Call us for full details, or to purchase.

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