Magpul MS1 QD Sling Adapter – Black


Magpul designs their AR accessories to deliver optimum performance in demanding, high-stress tactical shooting environments. Their MS1 QD Rifle Sling Adapter together with the Paraclip (MAG541) converts your MS1 Rifle Sling from 2-point to 1-point configuration. One point attachment makes the weapon easy to maneuver, especially inside a vehicle, and quick to switch from dominant to support shoulders. The Magpul MS1 MS3 QD Rifle Sling Adapter is constructed of tough 1-1/4″ nylon webbing, with Melonite finished steel and reinforced polymer hardware. The QD attachment is compatible with receivers, end plates, and buttstocks that have a push-button QD sockets. Converts MS1 rifle sling from 2-point to 1-point configuration Compatible with push-button QD sockets Melonite finished steel and reinforced polymer hardware 1-1/4″ nylon webbing SKU MAG517-BLK UPC 873750010762

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