Mft Iwb Hlstr Sig P365 Gdsn Flg



Mission First Tacticals AIWB Holster is capable of use both Inside the Waistband/Appendix (IWB), Outside the Waistband (OWB) in both right & left-hand positioning. Each holster is handmade to precise tolerances for each model of handgun using the most advanced techniques and materials for an all-day comfortable carry. Adjustable retention and the famous audible click makes each draw and re-holstering smooth and secure ideal for Concealed Carry. Holsters include a 1 1/2 Belt Clip, a Comfort Carry Paddle can be purchased separately for OWB carry. Features : Appendix, Inside the Waistband IWB, Outside the Waistband OWBAmbidextrous – Wearable Right or Left-handAdjustable Cant 0 – 15 degrees,Includes 1 , Belt Clip,Ideal for Concealed CarryAudible Passive RetentionLaser CAD Design for Perfect Fit, Smoother Draw, Less WearSculpted for RMR (reflex red dot sights)Tall Sight Channel – Open Muzzle

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