Mtm Arrow Plus Case – Holds Up To 36 Arrows Smoke


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Mtm arrow plus case holds up to 36 arrows smoke FEATURES -Made of luggage-grade plastic -Has the capacity for 36+ arrows (up to 35 total length arrows) -Or 18 arrows & an average-sized quiver -In addition, can hold 2 removable sights by their sight bars -Designed for older removal sight bars – may not be able to hold the more modern removal sights -4 large compartments designed to hold wrist guards, tabs, stabilizers, scents, foot steps, range finders, etc. -Compartments can also be used to hold the MTM Broadhead Accessory Box -Impact resistant snap latches -Double padlock tabs for security -36 x 10.2 x 5.24 -Clear smoke color Other Features: Holds up to 36 arrows, built in broadhead wrench, clear smoke color

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