Naroh Arms N1 9MM 3.1″ 7 RDs


Naroh Arms N1 9MM 3.1″ 7 RDs

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Naroh Arms N1 9MM 3.1″ 7 RDs Features:


Constructed from precise engineering and Naroh Arms economic craftsmanship this is a N1 you can count on for years to come. Designed for 9mm, the 7 round capacity can quickly handle any situation with ease, while the titanium finish provides excellent style. From training to home protection, or sporting excursion and personal defense, the Naroh Arms N1 9MM has you covered!

Naroh Arms N1 9MM 3.1″ 7 RDs Specifications:

  • Naroh Arms N1
  • Semi-automatic
  • Double Action Only
  • Sub Compact
  • 9MM
  • 3.1″ Barrel
  • Polymer Frame
  • Black Finish
  • 7Rd
  • 2 Mags 
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