October Mountain Night Ridge Ilf Recurve Bow Black 60 In. 50 Lbs. Rh


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The all new Night Ridge by OMP features a CNC’d aluminum riser with short limbs in order to meet the performance and durability demands of the modern day hunter. The 3 piece, ILF takedown style bow features threaded sight and stabilizer locations, 2 rest/cushion button mounting locations, medium wooden grip, 19 riser, and short limbs for speed and response. Included with the bow: Pro Hunter Arrow Rest, L hex wrench, and Dacron flemish string. Recommended brace height: 7 1/2 – 8 1/4. Available in RH only. Also available in Camo. Features:3 piece, ILF takedown design;CNC’d aluminum riser;60 recurve, 50# weight;Pro Hunter Arrow Rest included

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