Apex Reset Assist Mechanism (RAM) S&W M&P


The Apex Reset Assist Mechanism is a drop-in part designed to improve the trigger reset of your S&W M&P pistol. Along with improving the reset, the Apex RAM also serves as a fail-safe in the unlikely event of a Trigger Return Spring failure; keeping the trigger bar properly positioned under the sear and allowing the user to manipulate the trigger forward between shots. This product works in Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm, .357 Sig and .40 S&W models only that DO NOT INCLUDE a thumb safety, Magazine Disconnect or the Internal Locking System (ILS). Technical Information: PRODUCT WILL NOT WORK IN VTAC MODEL AND SOME OF THE NEWEST M&P MODELS DUE TO A CHANGE IN THE SEAR HOUSING BLOCK CONFIGURATION. Please research the S&W sear housing block change for M&Ps. Not for S&W M&Ps with the magazine disconnect safety   SKU RAM UPC 856008005161


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