Kahr Arms P9 9mm 3.5 Matte Stainless 7rd Polymer


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Kahr Arms P9 9mm 3.5 Matte Stainless 7rd Polymer

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This PM9/PM40 comes with the Crimson Trace Laserguard (LG-437). The Laserguard design is the most compact, instinctively activated, user-adjustable laser sighting system on the market today. The Model LG-437 uses either two #357 silver oxide batteries or a single 1/3N 3 volt lithium battery. These small batteries allow the Laserguard to be unobtrusive yet powerful enough to provide the brightness that Crimson Trace is known for. Another feature of the LG-437 is that it uses the smaller 3.3mm diameter laser diode which reduces the overall size of the laser diode housing. As with all other Crimson Trace products, the LG-437 has both windage and elevation adjustments for shooters to adjust the laser for a perfect hit at any distance All Laserguards come with an accessory pack that contains batteries, hex wrenches for laser adjustments and several cleaning swabs. Laserguards are made in the United States of America. Crimson Trace is the worlds only manufacturer of grip-integrated laser sighting systems. Police, all branches of the U.S. Military, and responsible citizens worldwide use patented Crimson Trace products.