Vintage Remington .22 Win Auto Ammo

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One more for your cartridge collection. Winchester ammo loaded by Remington. .22 Win Auto only gun in this caliber was the 1903 Winchester. Quantities are Per Box: One Box = 1 Quantity The boxes are a little rough but full with no tears. Introduced for the Winchester Model 1903 semiautomatic rifle, the .22 Win Auto was never used in any other firearm. It will not chamber correctly in other .22 rimfire weapons, nor will other .22 rimfire ammunition, including the very dimensionally-similar .22 Remington Automatic, interchange with it. This feature was to prevent the use of black powder rounds, which were still popular when it first appeared, from being used in the M1903, resulting in powder residue rapidly clogging the action and rendering the weapon inoperable.   SKU rem22ammo-vin UPC 4128674948


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