X Products Can Cannon Soda Can Launcher – T-Shirt Cannon – AR-15 & M16

AR-15 Soda Can Launcher-Black – The Can Cannon is a patent pending launching device for soda cans and other heavy thin walled objects. A proprietary gas ported barrel and pressure tube reduce the exposure to high pressure gasses which could destroy relatively delicate projectiles. The Can Cannon is currently configured for launching full un-opened 12oz soda cans. When used with standard mil spec blanks and fired at an optimum angle it can reach an average distance of 105 yards! – Why launch soda cans instead of drinking them? Because you can! Projectile options are only limited by your creativity and local laws. Our BATFE approved design is not considered a Destructive Device or firearm. Each unit is sold as an assembled upper with receiver headspaced and mounted ported barrel and pressure tube. The system is compatible with any AR-15 mil standard bolt and most piston bolts. Enjoy Xproduct’s no-hassle lifetime warranty. Specifications: Material: STEEL/ALUMINUM Typecolor: SODA CAN LAUNCHER/BLACK Sizefinish: USES 5.56 BLANKS NOT INCLUDED Ar15 Accessory: Y Other Features: LAUNCHES 12OZ SODA CANS OVER 100 YARDS. USES 5.56 BLANKS NOT INCLUDED, DOES NOT INCLUDE BOLT ASSY. Other Features2: BARREL IS COMPATIBLE WITH ONLY M200 MIL-SPEC BLANKS. SKU XAC-CANCAN-BLK UPC 713757989411 Looking for ammo for this? Click Here!


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