Rival Arms Threaded, Rival Ra20g104e Brl Glock17 Gen5 V1 Thrd Gld


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Built from high-quality stainless steel, precision polished and treated with premium coatings, these barrels rival custom work and deliver the best in accuracy and performance, round after round.Threaded barrels and protectors use 1/2-28 threads for compatibility with after-market accessories like suppressors and compensators.Features match-grade precision drop-in barrel, 6 groove rifling, low-temperature vacuum pvd coating creates a durable barrier against wear and tear even in the harshest environments, borslick boron nitride dcd (dynamic compound deposition) inner bore treatment resists heat and carbon buildup and a target crowned muzzle.No gunsmith required. Model: Threaded Twist: 1:10 Finish: Gold PVD Barrel Type: Match Grade

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