Rock Island Mariva 3 In 1 Pump Shotgun 12 Ga. 3 In. Chrome 18.5 In 5 Rd. With Pistol Grip


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Rock Island Mariva 3 in 1 Pump Shotgun in 12 Ga. Two barrels included. 28 in. polished steel vent rib and 18.5 in. polished steel cylinder bore barrels. Includes black synthetic removeable stock with optional pistol grip. 4 round tube magazine. Features:3 in 1 Pump Shotgun 12 Ga.;Two barrels included, 28 in. and 18.5 in.;Black synthetic removeable stock and pistol grip;4 round tube magazine.;12 Ga. Pump Shotgun 3 in 1 package;4 round tube magazine

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