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Tristar Tt-15a, Tri 35420 Tt-15a Combo Us & Dt 12-32-34 Ct-5x | Shooters Warehouse

Tristar Tt-15a, Tri 35420 Tt-15a Combo Us & Dt 12-32-34 Ct-5x


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Tristar arms is proud to introduce its line of dedicated trap guns.The tt-15 line offers precision, beauty and performance.The tt-15’s are loaded with features including a raised target rib with 3 adjustment points, adjustable comb, palm swell, fiber optic sight, and color coded extended beretta/benelli mobile chokes.This deluxe double combo model features 32(over/under) and 34(unsingle) adjustable vent rib barrels, a high grade walnut stock with an adjustable comb and buttstock, and 5-multi chokes (f, ic, im, m, sk). Stock Description: Adjustable Action: Break Open Gauge: 12 Gauge Barrel Length: 32 Capacity: 1/2 Chamber: 3 Oal: 49-51 Weight: 9.40 lbs/9.60 lbs Choke Configuration: Top Tang Receiver Description: Steel Trigger: Vent Rib Adjustable Barrel Description: Vent Rib Chrome-Lined Safety: Top Tang Barrel Length Range: 32 to 32.99 Hand: Right Stock Finish Group: Brown

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