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Get serious about scouting on your hunting property this season in anticipation of your best hunt yet with the help of the Wildgame Innovations Vision 14 Lightsout 14MP Infrared Game Camera. This trail camera’s 0.5-second trigger speed, 70-foot range, and black infrared flash capture all the action without alerting deer. It shoots in high-res 14 megapixels and can shoot up to 30 seconds of HD 720p video at a time. Use up to a 32GD SDHC card (16 GB card included) for memory storage and easily keep it secure with a security locking system for Python cables (not included). Pre-gaming takes on a whole new meaning when you invest in this 14-megapixel black infrared cam from Wildgame Innovations.

Brand Wildgame Innovations
Video Capture Resolution 720p
Flash Memory Type SDHC
About this item
14 megapixel black LED camera for game scouting
36 piece high intensity invisible infrared flash
Long flash range out to 70 feet so you capture all the action
0.5-second fast trigger speed
Features up to 30 seconds of HD 720p video capture

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